Privacy Policy

Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a site. To improve your experience, Jacksonstone uses cookies to remember login details and to tailor some content. We also collect statistics so we can optimise the site performance. When you first land on the site you will be presented with two options: One will be ‘Agree and Proceed’ which will enable all cookies and allow you to use the site. The other option is ‘Required Only’ and this will allow you to use the site with only the essential cookies that are required to allow the site to function. Both these options will expire in six months. If you want to expire them quicker then clear your cookies in the browser settings.

Types of Cookies

Essential Cookies – Some cookies are necessary in order to enable you to navigate the website.

Functionality Cookies – Functionality cookies record information about your preferences so we can tailor the website to you. For example, Jacksonstone uses functionality cookies to store your search preferences.

Performance Cookies – Performance cookies are used by Jacksonstone to help us to provide you with a better user experience. Information supplied by performance cookies helps us to understand how our visitors use the Jacksonstone website and services so that we can improve how we present our content to you and improve the experience.

Third Party Cookies – Third party cookies are configured by another organisation (third party). For example Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and YouTube, in accordance with Terms & Conditions you accepted when signing up to their services. Jacksonstone does not control the use of these cookies and cannot access them. They can only be accessed by the party who originally set them. For more information on these cookies, check the relevant third-party website. Third party advertising cookies are used to deliver targeted advertising that is more relevant to you and your preferences. These cookies are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement and help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. These may also have the capability to track your browsing across different sites.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being set or you can choose to turn off all cookies. This can be done through your browser settings. Each browser is different. Explore your browser’s Help menu to learn the correct way to modify your cookies. If you turn cookies off, you won’t have access to many features that make your experience more efficient and some of our services will not function properly.

Analytics: In order to monitor how our site is performing, we collect data about page visits. This information is completely anonymous – we cannot determine who it came from. When we use this data, we look at numbers of visitors overall rather than individual visits. Analytics information is used in reports and to improve our site. For example, we have used analytics data to add, remove or change features of the site based on how popular they are with users. We track, for example

  • Page views
  • Length of visit
  • Popular times and dates
  • How visitors got to the site (clicked a link, search engine)
  • Which device or browser visitors used

We use Google to provide our analytics data. You can read more about how Google Analytics treats your data at: [Google: Safeguarding your data][LINK TO https://www.google.com/analytics/learn/privacy.html]. You can also read [Google’s full privacy policy][LINK TO https://www.google.co.uk/intl/en/policies/privacy/].

Session: As you move through the site, various pieces of information need to be stored in order for the site to function properly. For example, if you perform a search for jobs, the search terms you use will be remembered so that you can change them later. If you log in, we will remember which account you logged in with.

For more information on how to manage or disable cookies, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

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