Reinventing recruitment? Efficiency, Effectiveness & Expertise.

Posted by Admin, Wed 19 July 2023
How our methodology for candidate attraction, hiring, placement and development combines these three considerations.

Recruitment has undergone a significant transformation in the digital age, with technology and digital media now playing a key role in the candidate experience and job hiring process. While automation can streamline certain aspects of recruitment, it’s important to blend it with human interaction to create a successful recruitment strategy.

Challenge the accepted wisdom: While efficiency is certainly important in recruitment, it shouldn’t be the sole focus. Instead, recruitment strategies should triangulate efficiency, effectiveness, and expertise to create a blend that optimizes candidate experience, hiring quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Automation can provide significant benefits in recruitment, such as speeding up the hiring process, reducing human bias, and improving the quality of candidate matches. However, it’s important to balance automation with human interaction to provide a personal touch, build relationships with candidates, and create a positive candidate experience. Bias checks are good. Defaulting to following automated recommendations by default – well let’s question that. A blend of custom screening approaches in our experience works.

PWC’s HR Tech Survey 2022 reported general dissatisfaction among HR leaders with HR cloud vendors. Too often operations and HR are sold a turnkey technology solution, whereas the reality is that while there are very common hiring patterns and requirements, how likely is it that every candidate, company and context will fit the mould?

Digital media and technology have transformed the recruitment landscape, making it easier than ever to reach a wider pool of candidates and connect with them through various channels. However, it’s important to use these tools effectively and strategically to avoid information overload and ensure that the candidate experience remains positive.

To reinvent recruitment for the digital age, companies should focus on creating a blend of human and automation that optimizes efficiency, effectiveness, and expertise. Too much of one of these three factors causes an imbalance. This can be done by leveraging technology and digital media to reach a wider pool of candidates, while also providing a personal touch and building relationships through human interaction.

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